Sunday 8 January 2017

Salad Atelier Kuala Lumpur : Monster Salad Review

Eat Healthy? 
Eat clean? 
It does not mean that you have to eat "grass" 
The food are actually delicious and colorful as well.

Why Eat Clean?
A good way to refresh your eating habits.
Instead of eating the not-so-healthy ones.
You eat more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups.

Salad Atelier
 A salad bar focuses on healthy customizable salad meal
Every bowl's a Personal Masterpiece.

The Monster Salad

At Salad Atelier,
You can customize your monster salad with:
- 6 main toppings
- 2 supplementary toppings
- 1 prime topping
- 1 dressing

So happy to unbox my monster salad!

For your reference, my Monster Salad, I chose:

[2 Salad Base]
Baby Spinach and Spaghetti

[6 Salad Main] 
Asparagus, Celery, Button Mushroom, Kidney Bean, Quinoa and Soba

[2 Salad Supplementary]
Macadamia nuts and Avocado

[1 Salad Prime]
Roasted Lamb

[1 Salad Dressing]

It's so big in portion.
Perfect for those who eat a lot. 

Overall, I love the monster salad that I customize first time ever.
The salad taste extremely delicious.
At first, I was afraid it will taste weird since I just chose whatever in my mind. 
But it didn't disappoint me. 

Good news for those who can't leave the office during lunch,
Salad Atelier not only have physical outlet in KL.
They deliver through Food Panda and Go Get.

Eat clean? 
Want to try out fresh custom healthy salad? 
Why wait?
You can get it from RM15 onwards! 

You can get it from :
Contact: 016-545 5830
Facebook: Salad Atelier
Instagram: @saladatelier 

Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.

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