Thursday 16 March 2017

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (Black) SPF50 PA+++ #22 PINK BEIGE Review

I have finally gotten my hands on this April Skin cushion.
 People rave about their cushion foundations.
It's not too late okay.

btw, If you guys want to know more about 
April Skin Magic Stone

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So, Let's begin!


Difference between white and black is 
basically the finish, moisture content and coverage level.

for dry skin with 60% water-based serum

for Oily & Combination skin with silkier finish and higher coverage.


I got mine in the shade #22 Pink Beige.
It suits pretty well.
It has SPF50+ PA+++.
Girls crazy over cosmetics with high SPF.

Available Shade for Black.

[ The inside ]

The mirror is sealed with a thin plastic film.
Peel off the plastic film you'll see the mirror.

Bouncy soft cushion puff.

Cushion is sealed with a sticker when it is new.
Remove the sticker and you're ready to start.

The sponge is white at first.
Once you press in, it immediately soaks through.
The cushion itself does not come saturated to the surface.

Be gentle, 
you only need very little product.
The sponge is a little domed, you will find product transfer onto the plastic cover.
Not for fussy people.


Coverage is quite high for me.
I didn't pat on a lot of layer, all you need was only a few light taps.
Buildable coverage.
Not really cakey for me.
It has a cooling effect, skin doesn't have that sticky feeling.
Skin does feel moisturized throughout the use.


Floral Scent which I like.


Smooth Natural and Moisture.
The cushion can really brighten your face.
It probably looks semi matte in the first few minutes of application 
but it becomes dewy, leads a much more moisturized soft look.

Not refillable.
It didn't comes with a refill.


Why wait?

You can get it from :
Greenevap Malaysia
(Authorized Distributor of April Skin in Malaysia)
Facebook: Greenevap Malaysia
Instagram: @my_aprilskin 

Thank you for reading.

Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.

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