Wednesday 23 August 2017

Menya Shi-Shi Do Japanese Ramen @ Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Any dearies here craving for Japanese Ramen?

 Menya Shi Shi Do @ Sri Petaling.

Authentic and traditional full bodied 
Japanese Hakata style Ramen.

In Menya Shi Shi Do, there are a wide selection of soup base for you to choose from.
You may opt for single, double or triple flavour.

Single (One Soup Base) 
Kuro 黑 = Black Garlic Pork Soup
Aka 赤 = Spicy Pork Soup
Shiro 白 = Pork Soup
Ki 黄 = Curry Pork Soup
Midori 绿 = Basil Pork Soup
Thunder 雷 = Thunder Spicy Pork Soup

Double (Two Soup Base)
Kuro 黑 + Aka 赤
Kuro 黑 + Midori 绿
Kuro 黑 + Ki 黄
Kuro 黑 + Thunder 雷
Aka 赤 + Ki 黄
Aka 赤 + Midori 绿

Triple (Three Soup Base)
Kuro 黑 + Aka 赤 + Ki 黄
Kuro 黑 + Aka 赤 + Midori 绿
Kuro 黑 + Aka 赤 + Thunder 雷

Let's Begin!



 Spicy soup 

Tsukemen, alternatively named as Japanese Dipping ramen.
It is basically a cold noodle dish accompanied by hot or cold soup for dipping.
You eat the noodle dripping into the soup.
Shinjyku Tsukemen is served with a spicy soup with spring onion and sesame seed in it.
It is thicker than Ramen noodles with firm and chewy texture 
as it is tightened in running cold water after boiled to perfection 
so it takes more time to serve.
It is so chewy to the bite which is great for over throat feeling!
The noodle is topped with chunks of pork meat and seaweed.

Priced at RM27


 Closer Shot: Tonkotsu Tsukemen

Basil Pork Soup

Served with runny egg, black fungus and pork shoulders.
You can feel the texture of the Tsukemen noodle which is firm enough 
with natural taste of the ingredients and flavours.
You may opt for your dripping soup flavour either single, double or triple.
Mine is Midori 绿 = Basil Pork Soup.

Priced at RM26

(Shi Shi Ramen)

Served with two pieces of pork shoulder, sprinkled onion and a special sauce.
The ramen is further augmented with beautifully runny egg and
black fungus to throw in some bite sensation.
The soup base is pretty solid and aromatic with strong and prominent 
taste of ingredients.
The ramen noodle is cooked to perfection, slightly chewy.
It is thinner compared to Tsukemen.
One of their best seller.

Priced at RM23


Mouthwatering Chicken Rice Bowl topped with 
spring onion and sesame seed.
Gohan = Plain White rice.
Kaarage is the Japanese version of marinated chicken served on top of rice.
Juicy Kaarage chicken with sweet and savory coating 
makes it even more appealing!

Priced at RM13


Japan a country of Ramen and Green Tea.
Perfect combination with Ramen and Tsukemen Noodles.

Priced at RM2


Croquette is named Korokke in Japanese.
A deep fried French dish made from cooked chopped pork meat,
mashed potatoes, rolled in wheat flour and eggs.
Crispy and crumbed coating, soft meat and potato inside.

Priced at RM6


Classic Japanese-styled pork dumplings stuffed with a moist and juicy filing 
with a chewy wrapper.
Sprinkled with chopped spring onion, tiny ginger strips and sesame seeds.
Packed full of flavour with sweet, sour and spicy all in one go.

Priced at 
RM7 - 3 Pcs
RM13 - 6 Pcs


Deep fried chicken skin.
It is one of the popular snacks offer in pubs in Japan.
Crispy and savory to the bite!

Priced at RM7


The perfect little pick-me-up snack.
Edamame beans are often boiled in salted water in their pods and
served as an appetizer in Japanese restaurants.

Priced at RM4

Food : 8/10
Price : 7/10
Ambiance : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Cleanliness : 7/10

Address: 12A, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, 
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-9054 7276
Operation Hours: 
      Facebook: Menya Shi Shi Do
Instagram: @menyashishido 

Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.

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