Sunday 15 April 2018

SASA MALAYSIA x TOUS Floral Touch So Fresh Fragrance Review

Hello Dearies 
Introducing a feminine master perfume that I'm currently using.
Do you agree that
a good fragrance is 
really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion?
I'm currently using 
Tous Floral Touch So Fresh Fragrance,
which I got it from #SASAMalaysia

Tous Floral Touch So Fresh keeps the smooth and organic shape 
of the original TOUS Touch, the fragrances that got their design
 from the TOUS jewelry "DUNA" Collection.
In this version,
 the delicate gold sheets of flowers embraces the bottle.

Every women loves flowers
their freshness and their scent but also their meaning.
Flowers are an irresistable caprice!

A luxuriant, sensual and floral fragrance.

Check them out 
exclusively available in @sasamalaysia !

SASA Malaysia
Facebook: Sasa Malaysia
Instagram: @sasamalaysia 

Thank you for reading.

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Results may vary on different person.

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