Wednesday 22 May 2019

May Favourites 2019 | Make Up, Skincare & Style!

Hello Dearies ♥
I'm back with my May Favourites.

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1.  Le PARMENTIER Peyote
 Smooth Leather Shoulder bag w/Bow

Obsessed with finding the perfect brown bag.
I’ve been carrying it around with everything lately!
Beautiful inside and out,
 got mine in Cognac.
Cognac go with virtually everything in your closet.
I like that it also comes in adjustable cross-body strap.

Get yours ▪️ here

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2. Althea A'bloom Fruit Sheet Masks

Althea new babies | A’bloom 🌸
The new launched A’bloom #FruitSheetMask that comes in 4 variants:
🥑 #Nourishing #Avocado Mask Sheet (Avo-Cuddle-Me)
🍋 #Brightening #LemonLime Mask Sheet
🍉 #Moisturizing #Watermelon Mask Sheet
🍑 #AntiBlemish #Peach Mask Sheet

Check out these super cute and affordable mask!
 Priced at RM2/pcs
Get 10 pcs only at RM15!!

Get yours ▪️ here

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3.  Steambase Daily Eye Mask

After a long and tiring day, 
there's nothing like this Steambase Daily Eye Mask
 to give my eyes proper rest.
Relaxing my tired eyes for 20 minutes
especially after long hours of facing smartphone or computer.
Heats up immediately, the heat helps to soothe and relax my eye muscles.

Why not take a 20 minute break and
 treat your tired eyes to a steam bath (40 ℃)? 

Get yours ▪️ here

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