Thursday 30 April 2020

Charis x a.stop No.1 Sea and Breeze DIY Gel Nail Sticker Unboxing Review | 韩国 a.stop No.1 Sea and Breeze DIY 貼紙 | 不想涂指甲油 美甲DIY 貼紙好用嗎?超快,超简单也超方便 |

No time to get your 
nails done?

Got my
 a.stop No.1 Sea and Breeze Gel Nail Sticker
 from Charis Korea.

Comes in 24 double-ended strips and
no more Topcoat.

You can create 
gorgeous daisy flower nail look 
so easily with this anywhere, anytime.

Easy to apply, 
suitable for beginner.

The most beautiful thing a woman 
can wear is confidence.

Get your
at RM 25
just Click HERE
Save more if you purchase from my shop
Original Priced at RM34

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