Monday 16 August 2021

Ujuwon Malaysia TruNight N'zyme Unboxing Review

Proper nutrition is crucial 

to the maintenance of a healthy body.

Digestive enzymes

play an important role in breaking down the food you eat.

These proteins speed up chemical reactions that turn nutrients 

into substances that your digestive tract can absorb.

As you age, 

the digestive tract is not as efficient as before and 

you begin producing fewer and fewer digestive enzymes. 

This decrease in enzymes makes your digestive tract difficult 

to completely break down the carbohydrates, 

fats, and proteins that you consume.

 When your digestive system is not functioning properly, 

you may experience nutritional deficiencies which affects your whole body.

Some common symptoms like:

- Decreased immunity

- Constipation, bloating, excess gas

- Unexplained weight issues 

even if you are eating a healthy diet and ample calories.

- - - 

TruNight N'zyme is a food supplement derived from 

36 types of mix fruits & vegetables.

Infused with DigeZyme from USA.

=>  A unique, proprietary blend of 5 specific enzymes 

that aids digestion and better nutrition absorption.

1. Viz. α-amylase 

(starch hydrolyzing enzyme)

-  Break down carbohydrates, starches into nutrients.

2. Protease 

(protein hydrolyzing enzyme)

- Break down protein in food into amino acids.

3. Lipase 

(Fat hydrolyzing enzyme)

- To break down fats in food so

 they can be absorbed in the intestines.

4. Cellulase

 (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme)

- Helps control sugar blood levels,

 converting cellulose into usable glucose for the body.

5. Lactase 

(lactose hydrolyzing enzyme)

- an enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugars)

 so that it can be digested easily.

Useful for lactose intolerance.

Each box contains 30 

TruNight N'zyme Chewable Tablet.

TruNight N'zyme 

helps to replenish enzyme in the body, 

improve quality of sleep, 

as sleep helps control our metabolism, weight 

and cells regeneration.

 Providing a boost to your metabolism 

thanks to L-Carnitine.

Packed with Probiotics.

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for you, 

especially your digestive system 

because they help keep your gut healthy.

Aid in the digestive process, helps to enhance bowel movement.

It's also Vegetarian Friendly, so no worry.

 - - - 

Take or chew 1 tablet 10 minutes before going to sleep.

Sleep, rest and relax on your bed.

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