Saturday 23 December 2017

CubeCrate Mystery Box DEC 2017 Unboxing Review

Hello Dearies 
This is my thirteenth CubeCrate box :)

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CubeCrate is a mystery box subscription.
You really never know what you get!

My CubeCrate December 2017 box

So, what I got for Dec box?
  1.  CubeCrate 2018 Calendar  x1
  2. Christmas Deco x1
  3. The King Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies x1
  4. PALSYWALSY & CO Gingerbread Man Homemade Scented Candle x1 
  5. Lina's Little Cottage Red Velvet Cookies x1
  6. Tinkerberry Spiced Apple Scalp Detox x1
  7. Savee Sleeping Paper Mask Bitter Melon x1

CubeCrate 2018 Calendar

So pastel!
Can't wait to plan my 2018, thank you CubeCrate!
I love it so much!

The King Cookies

Second packet of Chocolate Chip Cookies from them.
Check out the Surprise inside the cookies.
Tastes good as well.

I got one Gingerbread Man Homemade Scented Candle.
Smells great!
Do check them out!
They specialize in homemade candles and body cares.

Lina's Little Cottage

Got my first packet of Red Velvet Cookies from them.
Tastes so good!
More please haha.

 My second packet of Spiced Apple Scalp Detox (15ml) .
I believe stronger hair comes from a healthy scalp.
They mainly selling dessert-inspired range of bath and body products.


I got the Sleeping Paper Mask in Bitter Melon.
OMG What Bitter Melon?
YES!!! it's BITTER GOURD paper mask.
Can't wait to try it on!


Ready for your surprises? 
Why wait?
You can get it at RM35/box! 

You can get it from :
Facebook: CubeCrate Malaysia
Instagram: @cubecrate 

Thank you for reading.

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