Saturday 23 September 2017

CubeCrate Mystery Box SEPT 2017 Unboxing Review

Hello Dearies 
Here comes my second mini CubeCrate!

My tenth CubeCrate box :)
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CubeCrate is a mystery box subscription.
You really never know what you get!

My Mini CubeCrate Sep 2017 box

So, what I got for Sep box?
  1. Alys The Bakerland Cheesy Cookie x1
  2. How Smooth Wedding Bells Hand Soap x1 
  3. Wunderbath Hakuna Your Tatas Calming Moisturizing Body Spray x1
  4. The Tea Republic Lavender Blue Tea x1
  5. Aria The Label RM50 voucher x1
  6. Beyond Beauty RM180 Service Voucher  x1
  7. Mini Lantern x1

Alys The Bakerland

I got the Cheesy Cookie.
The cookies tastes good!

Wedding Bells Hand Soap from How Smooth.
So pretty customized handcrafted hand soap!
They have it in two tones also.
Looking for wedding door gifts?
Do check them out!

HAKUNA YOUR TATAS Calming Moisturizing Body Spray from Wunderbath.
Spray anytime throughout the day 
to keep skin supple and fresh.
They are the 1st Ultra Realistic Soap in Malaysia.

The Tea Republic

I got the Lavender Blue Tea packet.
 Organic butterfly pea flowers blended with lavender.
Easy to carry around.
Add lime juice and watch the colour change!
Tea lovers, do check them out!

I received the RM50 cash voucher.
Fashion label designed and made with passion for the desirable women.

Beyond Beauty 
RM180 Service Voucher from Beyond Beauty
included in Sep box.

Mini Lantern

I received one  Traditional handmade mini lantern, 
which reminds me that Mid-Autumn Festival gonna reach so soon.
Traditional handmade lanterns are in paper and lit with candles.
These days, though, such traditional lanterns have become a rarity.


Ready for your surprises? 
Why wait?
You can get it at RM35/box! 

You can get it from :
Facebook: CubeCrate Malaysia
Instagram: @cubecrate 

Thank you for reading.

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Results may vary on different person.

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