Sunday 22 September 2019

Matxi Corp 'You Deserve A Better Life' 2nd Anniversary: Glory to Glory in Kuala Lumpur | Matxi Malaysia Grand Launch Event @ Plenary Hall, KLCC Kuala Lumpur

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Just wanna share with you
Matxi Corp You Deserve A Better Life 2nd Anniversary:
Glory to Glory Event
 I attended on 21st September 2019
at Plenary Hall, KLCC.

Matxi Corp celebrates their
 2nd Anniversary: Glory to Glory 
with the presence of 2,000 distributors 
across 30 nations.

Matxi Corp's Grand Launch and Matxi S.G's 2nd Anniversary Celebration 
event begins at Plenary KLCC!

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 Vietnamese Dance Performance

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by Leadership Representative Speech

 Matxi Corp Vietnam 
CEO - Ms. Lê Thị Hồng Nhung

Matxi Corp owns Medino – a GMP certified factory
with more than 7,000 m2 of factory area 
located in Amata Industrial Park (Vietnam) 
specializing in manufacturing functional foods, food productsand cosmetics 
with a capacity of 1.5 million products/month. 

 Matxi Corp 
inscription 'You deserve a better life' 
specializes in:
 => Business Training
=> Human Development
=> Helps individuals and businesses develop great sales
 through the most professional and disciplined training roadmaps 
and support tools.

Become a corporate leader and bring companies all over the world!

In order to make each customer, member and partner have a better life, 
bring more practical value.

 MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd Representative  
Business Development Director - Mr. Matthew James

Mr. Matthew James, 
MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd Business Development Director 
 introduce the transformation
from Matxi S.G. to Matxi Corp and
announces the strategic investment from Malaysian group.

Matxi Corp Malaysia 
CEO - Mr. Kenny Teoh 

Malaysia is Matxi Corp 2nd market to enter after Vietnam, 
followed by Korea and U.S.A
 in order to step into International markets.

Matxi Corp America 
CEO - Ms. Jenny Ngọc Nữ

 In order to provide consumers quality product with affordable price,
Matxi Corp signed a strategic contract with research centers 
and manufacturing plants 
in the United States, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia.

 To research & renovate the management,
 transfer technology and operation flow according 
to the most rigorous standards.

 Matxi Corp Korea 
CEO - Mr. Luck Kim

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Matxi Corp product range consists of:
=> Max Health (Supplemental Drinks)
=> Max Skin Care (Beauty Product)
=> Max.1 (Cosmetics)

Max Skin Care (Beauty Product) @ Matxi Corp

 Max Health (Supplemental Drinks) @ Matxi Corp

  Max Health Tongkat Ali Essence @ Matxi Corp

As you know, Native Malay and Indonesians been boiling
Tongkat Ali Root for health maintenance.
Tongkat Ali helps to reduce fatigue, restore energy and youth.
Not only that, it's also good for relieving joints and arthritis problem, 
suitable for men and women.

 Max Healh Tongkat Ali Essence @ Matxi Corp

Key ingredients: 
=> Tongkat Ali Physta 
=> Greenage Enzyme
=> Isomalto-Oligosaccharide
=> Mulberry Enzyme

Using 100 times concentrated Tongkat Ali extract
 combine with enzymes that
undergone 2 years of natural fermentation.

Consume 1-2 bottles per day.
Shake well before use.
Concentrated liquid as the finished product,
easy to carry around and consume.

 Max Health (Supplemental Drinks) @ Matxi Corp

  Max Heath X-Collagen @ Matxi Corp

 Max Heath X-Collagen @ Matxi Corp

 Max.1 (Cosmetics Product) @ Matxi Corp

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 The Last Light Dance 
by The Champion from America Got Talent

Official Launch of Matxi Corp Malaysia 

Matxi Corp now in Malaysia!!

Gimmick Light from Crowd. 

 Matxi Corp Grand Launch in Malaysia and 
Matxi S.G 2nd Anniversary Celebration!

Matxi Corp Grand Launch in Malaysia & Matxi S.G 2nd Anniversary Celebration

 Congratulations Matxi Corp Grand Launch in Malaysia & 
Matxi S.G 2nd Anniversary Celebration!!

Matxi Corp over just 2 years of operation 
has achieved many outstanding achievements
 and is proud of the most professional and powerful system
 in Vietnam and many countries
 with more than 20,000 distributors and agents. 
(as of July 2019).

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 Leader Distribution Award Ceremony 

Diamond Distributor!

Congratulations ~  

Glad to be here to witness 
Matxi Corp Turns 2 and Grand Launch in Malaysia!!

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Check them out for more!

Matxi Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Matxicorp Malaysia


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#PlenaryHall #KLCCConventionCentre

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Friday 13 September 2019

Durians2Go Special Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake Unboxing Review | Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2019!

Hello Dearies ♥
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
中秋节快乐 ~

 Celebrate mid-autumn festival with this 
special Musang King Durian 
Snowy Mooncake 
from Durians2Go!

Each box comes with
individual cooler bag,
perfect gift for your family and friends.

Made creamy with pure Musang King Durian flesh
and enveloped in soft snow skin
what a truly classic delight!

Priced at RM118/box 
(8 pieces)

Available at: 
=> Village Grocer Sunway Giza
=> Village Grocer Bangsar Village
=> B.I.G Publika
=> B.I.G IPC

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Do check them out for more!

010-236 2066




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Monday 2 September 2019

I'Milky Malaysia @ SS2, Petaling Jaya | IMilky Malaysia Newly Opened in SS2! | 源自台湾的沐白小農 第6家分店 全马最大分行来到SS2 啦! | 主推纯鲜乳饮品 | 五款主打饮料一次分享!

Hello Dearies ♥
Looking for a more natural and healthy version of drinks to enjoy?
Fill your appetite with delectable Taiwanese dairy drinks
 from I'Milky!

I'Milky from Taiwan known for its Fresh Milk series 
has exploded into a global brand, with outlets throughout China, 
Hong Kong, Macau and even New York
with the philosophy to keep flavours natural and authentic.

Congratulations on I'Milky SS2 outlet Grand Opening,
 it's their sixth outlet in Malaysia
 and also their biggest outlet in Malaysia!

I'Milky @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

 I'Milky @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

Instagram-worthy spots to take photos
Grab some lovely photos while you are here for the drink.
Well, aren’t you?!

A cozy waiting area for customers to drink their bubble tea on the spot 
or hang around till their orders are ready,
don't forget to check out
 their second floor for more photogenic spot!

- - - - - 

  Brown Sugar Bubble Milk (M)

Latest craze centered around Brown Sugar Bubble Milk.
Boba lovers, get your taste buds ready!
It’s made from purely 100% Fresh Milk with rich brown sugar 
boiled to a caramelized finish, 
not forgetting their soft and chewy freshly made pearls.
One of their Signature drink, comes in a cup with a sealed top, 
recommend to shake it 15 times before drink.
Overall drink is quite yummy! 

Priced at RM12.90

- - -

  Taro Milk (M)

The drink is made with imported Taro from Dajia,Taiwan 
and topped with fresh and creamy milk which 
balances the sweetness perfectly. 
 The milk has a refreshing taro flavour with each sip, sweet but not overpowering. 
Thick pure yam paste as base and topped with fresh milk,
what a perfect combination!
One of their Signature drink.
Comes in a cup with a sealed top, shake it 15 times before drink!

Priced at RM13.90

- - - 

  Matcha Milk (M)

They used Pure Matcha from Shizuoka Japan and Fresh Milk 
which has a unique vegetal taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste.
Cool off from this heat wave and sip on this refreshingly sweet Matcha milk.
Recommend that you shake the drink precisely 15 times.
 So simple yet so addictive!

Priced at RM12.90

- - - 

  Strawberry Milk (M)

Sweet strawberry milk that filled with the flavor of fresh strawberries.
The colour is so pretty, it's recommended to shake 15 times before drinking
and it will turns into a pastel light pink drink.
Take a sip of this refreshing smoothie-like drink,
 light and satisfying.
Available in Cold only.

Priced at RM13.90

- - - 

  Jasmine Green Tea with Lemo (L)

Can’t drink milk or dairy? 
You may try this out!
Mild and tender green tea with the fresh flavour of the lemon.
The mix of sweet and sour provided a nice balance, 
what a light and refreshing drink!
Perfect for hot day!
Available in Cold only.

Priced at RM10.90

- - - 

Every cup is made fresh to serve on the spot.
They use sucrose sugar which occurs naturally in sugarcane.

Had a tea break with I'Milky!
Don't forget to share it with your boba-obsessed
 friends & family!

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Do check them out for more!

Beverage : 7/10
Price : 7/10
Ambiance : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Cleanliness : 8/10


SS2 Branch
61, Jalan SS 2/64
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact :
 03-7865 5399

SS15 Branch
40G, Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Contact :
03-5611 5279

Setapak Branch
126-G-5, Metro Genting Klang,
Jalan Genting Klang, Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact :
03-4032 1239

Mount Austin Branch
GF-L006, AICC, No 71, Jalan Austin Height 8/1,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor.

Contact :
07- 3610 618

Kulai Indahpura Branch
190, Jalan Kenanga 29/4,
Bandar Indahpura,
81000 Kulai, Johor

Contact :
07-6608 375

6, Jalan KLJ9, Porto Historia,
Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya,
75200 Melaka

Contact :
06-288 9409

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All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.