Monday 31 May 2021

Ujuwon Malaysia Ba Zhen Clean & Detox Instant Nourishment Drink Unboxing Review


Hello Dearies ♥

Are you searching for a way to give your

 immune system a boost?

Heard of the benefits of Ba Zhen? 

Ba Zhen best known as a female tonic for supporting

 a healthy menstrual cycle.

Consuming Ba Zhen helps to replenish and nourish blood, 

promote good blood circulation 

throughout the body, 

help every woman stay in the pink of health. 

Particularly suitable for women who experience 

monthly discomfort, cold feet and cold hands.

 It's also the perfect nourishing soup for those 

with pale complexion. 

Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox is the first revitalizing tonic

 to be formulated with the benefit of boosting detoxification.

Helps to relieve period discomforts & cramps and 

eliminate toxin & dampness from body.

Made in Taiwan.

Main Ingredients
Chinese Angelica Root, White Atrocytlodes Rhizomes, 
Rehmannia, Eucommia Bark, Codonopsis Root, 
White Peony Root, Poria, 
Sichuan Lovage and Honey Fried Licorice Root

Ba Zhen now in convenient handy packet,

 can be consumed directly.

no more traditional way boiling and waiting!

No cooking needed!

Save your precious time, perfect for modern world women!

Each box contains 8 packet of

 Ba Zhen Clean & Detox Instant Nourishment Drink, 

comes in 25ml per sachet. 

Ujuwon Ba Zhen comes in a convenient individual packaging.

No worries, no knives or scissors needed to open, 

easy to peel apart 

thanks to the convenient packaging design.

Tastes like Brown Sugar Ginger Tea,

  It tastes not too sweet with a touch of ginger taste 

and yes without the bitterness of Traditional Ba Zhen.

There are two ways to consume Ujuwon

 Ba Zhen Clean & Detox Instant Nourishment Drink:

Place the packet drink in a glass of hot water, wait for 1 minute, 

and it is ready to drink.

Or just consume instantly from the packet itself,

 anytime & anywhere.

Just consume 1-2 packets daily

 after menstruation

and don't forget to shake before drink.

Suitable for teenage girls & all women with monthly menstruation.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and 

consumption during menstrual cycle.

They also have this Ba Zhen Bust Up 

Instant Nourishment Drink in Pink.

Formulated with the benefit of boosting bust 

firming & lifting effect.

Consume before and after period to 

restore balance and vitality.

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