Friday 22 March 2019

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse Review | Clean your Pores even at Home | Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse 潔淨凝露 | 芙露莉净透毛孔卸妆凝露

Hello Dearies ♥
So happy I will be reviewing 
Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse.
 It's a cleansing gel co-developed by 
cosmetic dermatologist and estheticians.
Made in Japan.

Designed for who are troubled by enlarged pore
blackhead and whitehead

What causes large pores?
- The primary causes of enlarged pores are: Excessive sebum
Pores become clogged when excess sebum, dead skin cells 
and dirt cannot escape the skin. 
The more the pores begin to clog, the larger the pore hole becomes 
because it has to accommodate the trapped debris.
 Pores will expand and stretch out. 
Once pores have stretched, they cannot go back to their original size.

- - - 

Award-winning gel cleanse.
=> Monde Selection Grand Gold award for 5 years in a row (2014 - 2018)
=> Monde Selection International Quality Excellence Award
=> 'Poco'ce Ultimate Beauty Award in the first half of 2014
It's also recognized by the medical association
makes user feel at ease while using Fleuri.

Acts as a makeup remover and skincare at the same time,
contains magic star ingredients like:

Artichoke leaves essence
- a recipe for smaller pores and younger-looking skin.
- Helps to minimizes enlarged pores from sagging skin and
 build collagen while activating moisture retention

Yuzu extract
- Boosting skin immunity and protecting 
against free radicals.

Hibiscus Leaves extract
- Known as botanical hyaluronic acid,
 helps to achieve youthful skin.

 There are so many unnecessary chemicals that are used 
which are dangerous and damaging to the skin,
but none of the following harmful ingredients were added:
- Oil
- Mineral Oil
- Synthetic Perfume
- Alcohol
- Petroleum based material

 Easy to pump out.

 Matte and Minimal.

- - - 

Clear texture.
 Gentle on skin.
It's so watery as you can see,
be careful when you pump it on your hand.
It is important to cleanse your skin every night
 to remove make-up, impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil 
in order to get clear, glowing skin.

Spread easily on hand.
 I've notice that I don't actually need to apply thick layer of makeup 
to cover my pores.
Say goodbye to strawberry nose!

After using, skin don't have the tight and dry feeling.
Cleansing power is effective.
My skin feels smooth and moist after using.
 To avoid irritation, avoid these ingredients:
alcohol, mineral oil, pigment, synthetic perfume, petroleum based material.

Not only to protect the skin, but also the environment
by using high degradable and eco-friendly ingredients.

Even Maggy the famous Japanese actress recommended it!

What are you waiting for?

Get yours now 
(English)  here

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Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.

Thursday 21 March 2019

PLAY UP x Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Make Up Collection | Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Matte Cover Cushion SPF30 PA++ | Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Lip Color | Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Liquid Lip @ Play Up Advance, Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur

Hello Dearies ♥
My Little Pony fans out there!
The long awaited 
Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Makeup Collection
finally available in Play Up Advance, Malaysia!

OMG!!! The cute package itself already 
wins my heart!

Here's the Mille x My Little Pony
 Wonderful Matte Cover Cushion SPF30 PA++.

Housed in cute glittery packaging
looks like a sparkly snow globe isn't?
I got mine in the shades of
 #21 Light.

Here's the lipstick collection from Mille x My Little Pony.
Even the lipstick packaging are so cute my god!!
Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Lip Color 
comes in a total of 9 shades:
#01 Flustershy 
 #02 Pinkie Pie 
#03 Twilight Sparkle 
#04 Applejack  
#05 Rainbow Dash
 #06 Rarity 
#07 Sweetie Bella 
#08 Apple Bloom 
 #09 Scootaloo 

Check out the behind of the box packaging,
 you can even form a puzzle out.

The lip colour is pigmented.

As you can see 
the shades lean more into warm-toned

Another liquid lip collection from Mille x My Little Pony.
Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Liquid Lip  
comes in a total of 3 shades:
01 Princess Cadence 
02 Princess Celestia
03 Princess Luna

Don't forget to check out the behind of the box packaging,
 you can form a puzzle out as well.

The Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Liquid Lip
has a matte finish.

Do check them out at
PLAY UP Advance, Fahrenheit88 outlet!




#MilleBeaute #Fahrenheit88

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Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.

Monday 18 March 2019

STYLE | FORZIERI: OOTD with Le PARMENTIER Yucca Suede And Leather Shoulder Bag | LOOKBOOK | OOTD穿搭 ♥ Le Parmentier Paris |

Hello Dearies 
2019 Saddle bag trend being championed 
by all your favorite fashion icons.
 Le Parmentier new saddle bag in Nude
is stealing my heart.
Yucca, my recent favourite.
 Dedicated for people who love saddle bags.

Have you heard of
Le Parmentier Paris?
Le Parmentier 
brings you a variety choices of bag 
for you to choose from 
either you love yours small, sling or even backpack.
It's a sublime and distinctive brand for those 
who love simple luxury.

Close up on Yucca! 

It comes with adjustable wide shoulder strap 
and flap top magnetic snap closure.
Featuring one compartment and a front pocket
 inside the bag for a neat storage.

 I paired the nude chiffon top with 
versatile black pencil skirt.
You may also
pair it with an all-black look
 to really make it pop.

Width 7.87" | 20 cm
Height 6.69" | 17 cm
Depth 2.36" | 6 cm

You may get 
on #LeParmentierParis bags collection
 at @forzieri !
*Valid till March 29th.

 - - - - -

Do check them out for more!



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Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.