Thursday 20 August 2020

Charis x LaBNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion SPF48 PA+++ Review | 韓國 LaBNo 4SP 氣墊防曬霜 防曬保護好重要 高防曬度 SPF48 PA+++ | 清爽配方 高效的保濕效果 |


You should ALWAYS wear Sunscreen!

The depletion of the ozone layer has increased our risk of sun damage

 from harmful UV rays. 

Sunscreen blocks and protects your Skin from UV Rays

greatly reducing the likelihood of sunburn.

Sunscreen (SPF48 PA++++) in a convenient cushion. 

LABNO 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion

from Charis Korea helps to protect skin from UV rays.

Lightweight on skin.

Water Drop Puff that perfectly adhere to the curves of your face 

including your eye, lip and nose tip areas.

Can be neatly applied anytime without messing up your makeup.

I applied at my last step of my skincare routine, 

the hydrating texture immediately cools down my skin

 and leave no white cast!

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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Melix Malaysia Spring Shower Shampoo & Conditioner | Organic Argan Serum | Apple Stem Cell Tonic Unboxing Review

Hello Dearies ♥
Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world.
Don't you feel that?

Today I will be reviewing Melix Natural Hair Care,
which consists of:
=> Melix Spring Shower Shampoo
=> Melix Spring Shower Conditioner
=> Melix Organic Argan Serum
=> Melix Apple Stem Cell Tonic

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Spring Shower Hair Shampoo 

Do you wash your hair twice?
One wash often isn't enough as the first wash the shampoo
will remove dirt and buildup on hair
while the second wash,
 the shampoo will actually cleanse your scalp.

Shampooing your hair twice is beneficial
because it allows for proper cleansing, giving you longer periods of time
with a clean scalp and keeping away the oily hair problem.

With Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Soybean,
Spring Shower shampoo helps to cleanse the sebum on scalp and hair,
replenish the hair and scalp.

Transparent Concentrated Gel base and I love the Sakura scent,
my hair smells so good after washing!

Cleans thoroughly without over drying.
It moisturizes my dehydrated hair and leave my hair manageable,
 the best thing is it didn’t weigh my hair down.

 No Greasy residue.
There's nothing more frustrating than actually taking the time to wash your hair and
 having greasy hair after washing it.

Wet hair, massage into lather and rinse thoroughly.
For best results, follow with Spring Shower Hair Conditioner.

Check the product out:

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Spring Shower Hair Conditioner

Conditioning is important when it comes to optimal hair health,
just like you moisturize the skin on your face and body,
you should moisturize your hair with conditioner.

 Hair conditioning is necessary for hair,
non-negotiable especially when you have thick and coarse hair as
 it helps to smooth the hair cuticle and prevent tangles,
allowing tangles to release easily.
Melix Hair Conditioner is different from conditioners of other brands,
it can be applied directly on your scalp because they use natural ingredients.

Enriched with natural plant oil such as:
Macadamia Seed, Soybean, Avocado and Jojoba which helps to
 nourish the dry scalp and frizzy hair.

White in colour, creamy in texture
that spreads easily on hair.

Great Sakura smell,
leaves my hair feeling and smelling nice!
Keeping my dry hair smooth, soft, free from frizziness 
and hair spilt ends.

After shampooing with Spring Shower Hair Shampoo, 
apply and distribute through hair. 
Leave on up to 2 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

Check the product out:

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Organic Argan Serum  (36ml)

Contains 4 natural plant oils complex for amazing hair benefits 
all in one bottle:

Organic Argan Oil: 
Intensive Nourishing helps to repair damaged hair

Olive Fruit Oil: 
Protects scalp against excessive heat and dryness

Jojoba Oil 
Moisturizes hair

Almond Oil
 Nourishes and strengthens hair.
Reduce hair breakage and split end.

Light-weight formula instantly absorbed by the hair and
 results in a silky smooth finish with brilliant shine.

It reduces frizz and adds shine to my hair significantly.
I can now flip my hair with confidence.
My hair looks and feels healthier without
 any oiliness and stickiness.

After shampooing and conditioning use a small amount 
in the palm of the hand 
and massage it through towel dry hair. 
Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. 
Do not rinse out.

Check the product out:

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Apple Stem Cell Tonic  (110ml)

Enriched with Apple Stem Cell that alleviate your scalp from aging and
thereby improve your hair fall problem.
While Peppermint Essential Oil and Algae Extracts helps to
 relief sensitivity of scalp and rejuvenate follicles.
It calms and soothes my sensitive scalp.
This tonic comes in a spray bottle 
makes it so easy to apply to the scalp and roots.
It rejuvenates my scalp and my hair-loss is visibly decreased.
I can even observe my new hair growth!
I like that it has a cooling sensation thanks to the Peppermint oil 
in it, my scalp is soothed and calmed gently.
So refreshing!

After washing spray the tonic on your scalp once a day. 
Then, gently massage your scalp to let the nutrients
 permeate into it. 

Check the product out:
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Melix products are formulated from mild and gentle formulation that
 containing natural plant extracts ingredients,
so they are safe to use even for pregnant women and children.
After using Melix products, 
it helps me to get away from frizzy hair and hair-loss.
Melix does not only repair my damaged hair, but also 
improves volume and growth to my hair.

Thanks Melix for bringing great hair to me,
great hair can be yours too!
When your hair is healthy and smooth,
 it will have a more natural luster and of course take less time to style!

Do check them out for more!

Melix Malaysia



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Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.