Thursday 8 February 2018

Hair System By Watsons | Professional Salon Care | Salon Quality Hair Care at Home Launching Event and Hair Pampering Session

Hello Dearies ♥
How are you?
Just wanna share with you
Hair System by Watsons Launching event and Hair Pampering session I attended.

 Don't you feel that it's always
 a challenge to maintain
 Hair Care Post Salon Treatment?

You splurged on the silky, 
smooth hair that you've always wanted 
and spent hours in the salon
 getting a treatment.

But now what?
What hair product should you use at home?

In order to get the most out of your new, post-treatment hair 
and keep it the longest,
Aftercare is so important.

Keeping your hair healthy and stylish
 can help you feel more 
confident and attractive.

Thanks to Watsons you can
rejoice in achieving hair salon quality hair 
with this NEW Hair System.

What is Hair System by Watsons?
- a Professional Salon Hair Care range that
designed for modern woman.

Hair System by Watsons
- Features a range of products engineered with advanced technology
fueled by ingredients hand-selected
by Watson's hair experts.
- Delivering Salon-quality results with every use.
- Claimed to be Free of Paraben, Mineral Oil, Colourants 
and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Have dry or damaged, weak or fragile hair,
 frizzy or dull hair issues?
No worries,
Hair System by Watsons provides a solution to every need.
There's something for everyone.

HAIR SYSTEM by Watsons 
Shampoo Series
from left to right
Damage Repair Shampoo (Pink) 
500 ml
- Cleanses and nourishes the hair and scalp while sealing in moisture
 to repair damage and split ends.

Keratin Silk Shampoo (Green) 
500 ml
- Cleanse the hair and nourished the scalp while re-balancing moisture
 for smooth and shiny hair.

Strengthen & Protect Shampoo (Orange)
500 ml
- Cleanses and re-balances the hair and scalp for stronger and 
more manageable hair.

Priced at RM27.90/bottle

HAIR SYSTEM by Watsons 
Conditioner Series
from left to right
Damage Repair Conditioner (Pink) 
500 ml
Rescues and repairs dry and damaged hair by replenishing moisture
and sealing split ends.

Keratin Silk Conditioner (Green) 
500 ml
Restores moisture and protects against heat to prevent split ends
 for smooth and softer hair.

Strengthen & Protect Conditioner (Orange)
500 ml
- Has a smoothing and nourishing effect to prevent breakage
 by making detangling easier.

Priced at RM27.90/bottle

HAIR SYSTEM by Watsons 
Ultimate Hair Oil and Hair Mascara series
from left to right
Hair Mascara 10ml
- Available in 2 colours
01 Black
 02 Dark Brown
- Formulated with absolute conceal ingredients to instantly cover up grey hair.
- Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 and 3 ingredients:
Keratrix, Kerarice and Keracyn.
- Quick dry formula
- Easy to use and carry around
Just brush it like your eye mascara but on your hair.

Priced at RM21.90/pcs

Ultimate Hair Oil 70ml
- Suitable for all hair types.
- Contains 8 natural plant oils complex for amazing hair benefits 
all in one bottle:

Tsubaki Oil: 
Seal split ends

Olive Oil: 
Protects scalp against excessive heat and dryness

Argan Oil: 
Intensive Nourishing

Macadamia Oil: 
Moisturises hair and scalp

Avocado Oil: 
Replenished hair with Vitamins

Marula Oil: 
Enhances hair Smoothness

Sunflower Oil: 
Smooths out frizzy hair

Coconut Oil: 
Strengthens hair shaft

Priced at RM28.90/bottle

- - -

Thank you for offering me a
  complimentary pampering session,
I jumped at the opportunity immediately. 

So excited that I get to try this
NEW Hair System By Watsons!
Sorry dearies, I forgot to take my before picture. 
Can't show you my dull hair.

Rinse any excess product off and 
towel dried it. 

Thank you Scarlet for the hair wash and blow.
My hair turns out really smooth 
no joke.

 I was left with 
visibly smoother and shinier looks.

Final look  ♥
Thank you Teacher MoMo for styling my hair.
 I'm pretty impressed with the results!
Don't forget to apply the Ultimate Hair Oil after 
blow dry or styling your hair.

Wonder which Hair System series I used?

Mystery solved.
 I'm using this Keratin Silk series during 
the Hair Pampering session.
Now you can have 
Salon Quality Hair Care at home!

I love that it leaves my hair silky smooth.
It's so easy to manage my long hair.
Get your Salon Quality hair care at affordable price now!

Thank you so much 
for having me 

- - -
Where to get?
Hair System by Watsons is available 
exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide
 or you can click HERE to get it
at Watsons Online Store.

Do check them out for more!

You can get it from :

Instagram: @watsonsmy 

Thank you for reading.

Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.

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