Monday 12 April 2021

IndoAsli Authentic Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine New Launched Menu @ Cental i-City, Shah Alam | 正宗印尼道地美食 IndoAsli 去Central i-City 吃印尼餐啦!

Enjoy a variety of  Indonesian traditional food

 here at IndoAsli!

Served Authentic Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine 
of 60-year-old recipes.

IndoAsli @ Central i-City

IndoAsli @ Central i-City

Have scrumptious Indonesian food with excellent aroma and flavours
 which will leave you craving for more.

Scroll down to check out what's IndoAsli's new menu!
Let's Get Started!

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   Tempe Sira

Tempe, one of Indonesian superfoods staples.
Served with peanuts, fried bean curd and anchovies.
Suitable to be eaten with white rice or as an appetizer.
Tastes so good!

Priced at RM4.90

- - - 

   Tahu Telur

Featuring a high tower made by mixture of egg
 and tofu deep fried together.
Served with sweet sauce and topped with shredded vegetables.
Crispy and flavorful!

Priced at RM11.90

- - - 

    Ayam Bakar Sate

Loving this Grilled Satay Chicken so much!
The boneless chicken is juicy and tender on the inside and
 charred on the outside, perfect as it is!

Priced at RM19.90

- - - 

   Gulai Ayam Padang

One of Indonesia’s signature dish, 
Padang Curry Chicken creamy and vibrant colour, 
getting its yellow from the spice turmeric. 
Rich in taste, best served with rice!

Priced at RM16.90

- - - 

   Nasi Tumpeng Ayam Bakar Percik Bali

Tumpeng an Indonesian cone-shaped rice dish.
Savory chicken and aromatic yellow rice pairs well with tempeh!
Soft and tender chicken paired with spicy and tangy sambal is 
one combination you wouldn't want to miss out on, 

Priced at RM25.90

- - - 

   Ikan Talapia Goreng Renyah 

   Sambal Nusantara

Deep Fried Tilapia Fish served together with three 
homemade sauces: Sambal Balado, 
Madura Sauce and Sambal Ijo.
Crunchy on the outside and moist flesh, retaining the almost sweet juiciness.
Tastes even better when paired with the accompanying sambals.

Priced at RM39.90

- - - 

   Rendang Kambing

Rendang is one of the most famous local food in Indonesia. 
Rendang considered a "dry" curry 
with heavily spiced meat.
 Brownish and savory - best served with steamed rice.
If you like your curry with an abundance of flavor, you'll love rendang.

Priced at RM27.90

- - - 

   Rendang Sapi

Rendang lover, want it in Beef?
You might check this out!
 Slow-cooked beef with a mixture of herbs and spices.

Priced at RM22.90

- - - 

   Cumi Bakar Jimbaran

A grilled squid dish cooked with 
special Cumi Bakar sauce.
An irresistible mix of sweet, tangy and spicy.

Priced at RM35.80

- - - 

   Terung Raos Khas Bandung

This Fried eggplant is spicy and crispy, 
drizzled over sweet sauce and sprinkle with spring onion, 
chilies and shredded carrot.

Priced at RM11.90

- - - 

Don't forget their dessert also!
Satisfied my dessert cravings!

 - - - 

   Popia Pisang

Amazing dessert with fried bananas wrapped in spring roll wrappers,
 topped with grated cheese.
Crispy and Tasty!

Priced at RM12.90

- - - 

   Jeli dalam Telur

Egg Jelly comes with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream.
The presentation is so cute!

Priced at RM8.90

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What to drink?

- - - 


Jus Alpukat Teristimewa IndoAsli 

Priced at RM12.90,

Es Alpukat

Priced at RM13.90

Soda Serai 

Priced at RM6.90

(from left to right)

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Do check them out for more!

*IndoAsli new menu is currently exclusive at IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya 
and will soon be available at IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam

Lot No: LG-36, 
Central i-City, Shah Alam

Lot No: LG-58, 
IOI City Mall, Putrajaya



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Thursday 1 April 2021

Meishoku Malaysia Meishoku Wash Form, Bigansui & Bigan Acne Essence Review @ DON DON DONKI Malaysia, Lot 10

Self pampering session with MEISHOKU!

MEISHOKU’s Bigansui has been established

 for a long time since 1885 

and well known for its effectiveness.

Can you see the dirt on the cotton pad in my picture? 😱

 I’m stunned by how much dirt Bigansui able to pick up

 even after I cleansed my face.

Starting off with Meishoku Wash Form to cleanse my skin,

 following with Meishoku Bigansui, 

pour it onto the cotton pad and apply from inner to outer face

 helps to exfoliate and remove excess sebum 

and dead skin cells on skin. 

Lastly, evenly applied Meishoku Bigan Acne Essence 

onto the area of trouble with acne.

Leaves my skin feeling refreshed after use.

- - - 

The collection is already available at Don Don Donki, 

Lot 10 Malaysia.

 Check it out!

 - - - - - 


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