Saturday 26 September 2020

Pantene Miracles Range Review | Pantene Pro-V Miracles Rich Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner | Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita Fusion Replenishing Overnight Milk Treatment |

Happiness is the smell of freshly washed hair.

  Pantene launched a brand new range, called Pantene Miracles.

Pantene Miracles line-up consists of two collections of shampoo and conditioner 

and three treatments to ensure a full hair care regimen 

that guarantee irresistibly smooth hair.

Here comes the Pantene Miracles,

made with the luxurious essence 'Liposhot' the highest ever concentration of 

Pro-Vitamin B5,  helps to strengthen and smoothen the hair 

and revitalizes damaged hair.

Pantene Miracles Rich Moisture collections here with me.

- - - - -

    Rich Moisture Shampoo (500ml)

Cashmere-like smooth hair that you cannot resist to touch.

It has a nice floral scent, no greasy residue.

 Paired it with the Rich Moisture Conditioner, a daily combo for more manageable hair.

With 1-2 pushes, gently massage your wet scalp. 

Lather and rinse off well, and continue on to use treatment

- - - 

   Rich Moisture Conditioner (500g)

Added scent of freshly picked apples and rose blended

 to keep hair smelling fresh yet not too overpowering.

It intensely moisturizes and repairs each hair strand, 

leaves hair smooth with healthy shine.

After shampooing, lightly squeeze off water. 

Push 1-2 pushes and spread throughout each strand of your hair. 

Gently rinse off. 

- - - 

   Vita Fusion Replenishing Overnight 

   Milk Treatment (100ml)

Features a luxurious Pro-Vitamin infused serum.

Specifically designed to treat your hair during the night times.

Beauty sleep for your hair.


This leave-in overnight treatment contains Liposhot, 

a unique repairing serum that works to replenish hollow hair strands 

with softening and repairing lipids. deeply repairs severely rough, dry, or frizzy hair.

After towel dry, 

spread on your palm 1-2 pushes for semi-long hair

 and massage into the hair.

- - - - -

Do check them out at your nearest Guardian store 

or Guardian website!

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Wednesday 9 September 2020

Charis x Gilla8 Dual Super Power Hydrating Essence Booster Review | 韩国 Gilla8 2 in 1超級保濕精華液 | 用前摇一下 水油分离活性配方 快速渗透至皮脂膜 保濕力UP!

Essences are the heart of the 
Korean skincare routine.

Got my 
Gilla8 Dual Super Power Hydrating Essence Booster   
                          from Charis Korea.

Bursting with Hyaluronic Acid
helps to locks in all that moisture for healthy looking glow.
A combination of Hydration Essence 
and Oil Essence.

Lightweight but packed with concentrated hydrating.

Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin.

Shake bottle well before use.

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at RM 75
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Original Priced at RM87

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Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.