Wednesday 30 August 2017

Kocostar Fruit and Vegetable Slice Mask Sheet Series Review (Fruit: Lemon & Watermelon ; Vegetable: Cucumber & Tomato)

Dearies ♥
Kocostar from Korea is  now available at Sephora Malaysia.
Finally I gotten my hands on this most fresh mask sheet 
from Kocostar.
My very first mask from Kocostar.

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All Mask Series from Hair to Feet Beyond your Imagination
Sales on Over Thousands stores, Around 20 Countries Worldwide.

Creatively designed!
So cute isn't?


Helps lighten and brighten skin tone resulting in a more radiant skin.


Hydrates skin and helps to refresh the skin.


Delivers high levels of Vitamin C and helps to maintain moisture level.


Boost radiance while providing moisture to the skin.

 - - -

What so Special?
=> Creatively designed in fruits and vegetables sliced 
conceptual mask sheet. You may see it through the back packaging.
=> You may tear it piece by piece from the film.
=> You may apply it on your face, neck, arms or legs or where it's necessary.

Not the typical mask sheet, don't get it wrong.
They are in slices individually that represent each fruits and vegetables appearance.
The mask sheets are pretty thin and
 easily adhere to skin.
Smells good.
It comes in different sizes, 
larger and smaller size great for treating certain areas.

Recommended to leave on for 10-20 minutes.
Massage your face until the essence absorbed completely,
and continue your normal skincare routine.
Not much leftover essence in the packet.

I love how convenient and small these mask sheets are.
Mix and match to create your own piece.

Priced at RM18/pcs

Now available at 
Sephora Malaysia!

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Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.

CubeCrate Mystery Box AUG 2017 Unboxing Review

Hello Dearies 
Here comes my mini CubeCrate!

My ninth CubeCrate box :)
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- - - - -

CubeCrate is a mystery box subscription.
You really never know what you get!

My Mini CubeCrate Aug 2017 box

So, what I got for Aug box?
  1. Alys The Bakerland Old Skool Granola x1
  2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist x1
  3. Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Toilette Spray x1
  4. Elizabeth Arden RM50 voucher x1
  5. Wunderbath Handmade Soup (Red) x1
  6. Jet'aime Flower Slimming Tea x1
  7. Tinkerberry Spiced Apple Scalp Detox x1
  8. Designer Nail Decals x1

Alys The Bakerland

I got the Old Skool Granola.
Contains mix of almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins.
The granola tastes great!
Eat right, Stay healthy!

I got the Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist sample (1.5ml).
An ultra-fine facial mist that works to awaken and energize skin.
Refreshing especially perfect for early mornings.

I also got the Eau de Toilette Spray sample (1.5ml) in white tea flavour.
Feminine fresh aqua scent inspired by the simple pleasure of the first sip of tea.
Fresh and light!

RM50 discount voucher from Elizabeth Arden also included in Aug box.

I got one red handmade soap from Wunderbath.
Smells good also.
They are the 1st Ultra Realistic Soap in Malaysia.

Je t'aime Flower Tea

I got the slimming tea individual packet.
Easy to carry around.
Tea lovers, do check them out!
They share varieties of pure/mixed flower tea.
Enjoy a cup of flower tea everyday!

I received the Spiced Apple Scalp Detox (15ml) .
Stronger hair comes from a healthy scalp.
Handy packaging.
They mainly selling dessert-inspired range of bath and body products.

Designer Nail Decals

Just press down on your polished nails and 
apply top coat for best result.
That's it!
Simple and nice.


Ready for your surprises? 
Why wait?
You can get it at RM35/box! 

You can get it from :
Facebook: CubeCrate Malaysia
Instagram: @cubecrate 

Thank you for reading.

Reviews are based on my personal opinions and preferences.
Results may vary on different person.

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Yap Hup Kee Palace : Curry Chee Cheong Fun & Yong Tau Foo Curry Steamboat @ Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Chee Cheong Fun lover?
You may be familiar with Yap Hup Kee.
Real decent street food, 
here for you!

No automatic alt text available.
Served mainly their Signature Chee Cheong Fun with Dry Shrimp, 
Loo She Fun and Hakka Yong Tau Foo.

Restaurant Yap Hup Kee Palace @ Kuchai Lama 

Yap Hup Kee Palace 

- - - 

Let's Begin the feast!


You definitely can't miss their famous Curry Chee Cheong Fun.
It's one of their Signature dish.
A must order.
Served with deep-fried dried shrimp and curry soup 
not forgetting the silky chee cheong fun.
I like the texture of the rice noodles, thin and smooth.
The taste of the curry soup is perfectly assorbed by the rice noodles.
Creamy but not being overwhelming.

Priced at RM3


 The Curry Soup

After tasting their Signature Curry Chee Cheong Fun. 
How can you forget about their Newly launched Curry Steamboat 
in Yong Tau Foo Version.
Yong Tau Foo lover? You can't miss this!

So pretty isn't the food styling?

Steamboat is meant for sharing isn't?
This set can be shared among 2-3 pax.

Total of four soup base selection available for you to choose from.
Choose either Original Soup (Set A), Shao Xing Wine Wolfberries Soup (Set B), 
Hua Hin Tom Yam (Set C) or the newly launched Curry Soup (Set D).
Mine in Set D Curry Soup.
Bursting of flavors, appetizingly and flavorful!

Ingredients inside are:
=> Mussel, Sea Asparagus, Pacific Clams, Scallop, Abalone Slice, Mushrooms, 
Lady's Fingers, Seaweed Foo Chook, Chili, Bitter Gourd.

=> Prawn, Fish Filament, Tau Fu Pok, Yu Zhu Lun, Foo Chook, 
Seafood Tofu, Seaweed Crabmeat Stick, Inoki, Triangle Fish Cake, Vege Fish Ball, 
Japanese Beancurd and Vegetables.

The best thing about steamboat is no cooking experience needed!
Great bonding time with your family.
Talk, eat and share your stories.

Priced at RM68


Tom Yam Lover?
Not fancy of curry? Try this pot of spicy Tom Yam Seafood. 
A little spicy for me, but should be no problem for those spicy lovers.
You may have it in Bee Hun or Loo Sue Fun.
Mine in Bee Hun version.
Comes with generous servings of Scallop, Prawn, Pacific Clams, Sea Asparagus, Mussel, Abalone Slice, Foo Chook, Inoki and Vegetables.

Sharing is caring isn't?
It meant to be shared among 2-3 pax.

Priced at RM43 

Delectable fillings of minced meat, whole prawns and carrot.
Whole prawn in each of the dumpling.
Yes, whole prawns as you can see.
Crispy outside, juicy inside. 
Worth Trying!

Priced at RM14.50


Wants to try out all of their snack?
All eight pieces in one plate.
You may try this out!

Combination of :
=> Fried Otak Otak, 
Fried Salted Egg Yam Wantan,
 Deep Fried Seaweed Crabmeat Stick, 
Fried Foo Chook, 
Fried Fish Paste, 
Fried Foo Chook Luncheon Meat, 
Fried Vegetarian Goose and Fried Salted Fish Tau Foo.

Priced at RM12.50


Pumpkin blended with barley an interesting drink.
Taste great!
Available in Hot or cold.

Priced at RM3

- - - 

Dearies, gonna share with you a very meaningful charity event.
From Aluminium Tin Tabs 
to Prosthetic Limbs.
All you need to do is 
to bring your aluminium tin tabs from those can drinks.
Instead of throwing it in to the bin,
 you just need to bring it to Yup Hup Kee 
you may get ONE BOWL of their 
*Signature Curry Chee Cheong Fun 
YESS...For FREE!!!

Yup Hup Kee have collected the Aluminium Tin Tabs from cans for years.
This is to encourage more people to join this meaningful charity event.
Just one simple step, you may help those in need.
At the same time contribute to charity.
Why not?

*T&C Apply.

Do check them out for more!

Food : 8/10
Price : 8/10
Ambiance : 7.5/10
Service : 8/10
Cleanliness : 7.5/10

Address: 39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,  Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-7971 6417
Operation Hours: 11am- 10pm
      Facebook: Yap Hup Kee Palace
Instagram: @yaphupkeepalace 

Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.

Friday 25 August 2017

Peppermint Avenue x TOMS Silent Auction Event

Hello Dearies ♥
Just wanna share with you
Peppermint Avenue x TOMS event I attended on 24th Aug 2017.

Peppermint Avenue 
=> An emcompassing lifestyle label that resonates with the everyday woman.

=> A company that would match every pair of shoes purchased 
with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. 
One for One.


Peppermint Avenue and TOMS raise funds 
for Viva Palestina Malaysia through Fashion and Art.
Item auctioned include:

The Kasturi in Cherating worth RM1200 per night.

 Peppermint Avenue x TOMS 
Custom hand painted print from Peppermint Avenue upcoming collection valued at RM400.

 TOMS Custom hand painted Merdeka print 
customised by Zam Conteng Kasut valued at RM400

Peppermint Avenue Scarf valued at RM200.
Peppermint Avenue sleeveless silk dress valued at RM1500.


TOMS Eyewear & Peppermint Avenue Nail Lacquer

TOMS Eyewear

Peppermint Avenue Nail Lacquer

 Peppermint Avenue Creative Director demonstrate ways to wear their Kaftan.

Do check them out for more!

You can get it from :

Image may contain: text

      Facebook: PeppermintAvenue
Instagram: @peppermintavenue 

Thank you for reading.