Thursday 1 April 2021

Meishoku Malaysia Meishoku Wash Form, Bigansui & Bigan Acne Essence Review @ DON DON DONKI Malaysia, Lot 10

Self pampering session with MEISHOKU!

MEISHOKU’s Bigansui has been established

 for a long time since 1885 

and well known for its effectiveness.

Can you see the dirt on the cotton pad in my picture? 😱

 I’m stunned by how much dirt Bigansui able to pick up

 even after I cleansed my face.

Starting off with Meishoku Wash Form to cleanse my skin,

 following with Meishoku Bigansui, 

pour it onto the cotton pad and apply from inner to outer face

 helps to exfoliate and remove excess sebum 

and dead skin cells on skin. 

Lastly, evenly applied Meishoku Bigan Acne Essence 

onto the area of trouble with acne.

Leaves my skin feeling refreshed after use.

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The collection is already available at Don Don Donki, 

Lot 10 Malaysia.

 Check it out!

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Results may vary on different person.

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