Sunday 5 July 2020

LAVITEM Centella Clearing Pad & Rice Brightening Pad Review | 擦一擦 拯救疲乏肌? | 韩国 All Kill LAVITEM Peeling Pad 袪角质垫简单懒人保养法 |

Clear out clogged pores 
and have a healthier and brighter skin 
with LAVITEM Clearing Pad
Sold more than 300k quantities in Korea! 

With 50% of Rice Bran Water & AHA ingredients
LAVITEM Rice Brightening Pad 
gently removes skin impurities

LAVITEM Centella Clearing Pad
 contains Centella Asiatica extract & AHA ingredients 
helps to soothe skin
gently remove dead skin

After incorporating these pads into my nightly routine
I noticed an improvement in how hydrate and soft my skin was

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