Wednesday 21 December 2016

Dirty Benefits Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub Review

Why Coffee?

 I believe coffee is most people's favorite. So do I.
Do you know, coffee not only keeps our engine running, it's also amazing for the skin!
Coffee has the same PH as your skin, which means it won't leave you feeling dry or oily.
Your skin needs to get dirty to get clean. 

Coffee scrub is an organic and natural body scrub with lots of beneficial ingredients, 
such as coffee powder, sea salt, cane sugar and grapeseed oil.

All these ingredients are great for : 
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and acne 
  • Removing dead skins and minimizes pores
  •  Locking moisture in to avoid drying out while reducing fine lines and wrinkles

For this Christmas, Dirty Benefits release a limited edition Christmas Bundle which include:
  •  Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub
  •  Minty-Rose Foot Soak

How to use?
Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub ( 90g )

 STEP 1: Get Wet 
STEP 2: Rub a handful of scrub in circular massage motions
STEP 3: Leave on for 5 minutes
STEP 4: Rinse off

Minty-Rose Foot Soak  ( 90g )
 STEP 1: Dissolve contents in a tub of arm water
STEP 2: Rest and relax for about 10-15 minutes
STEP 3: Rinse off

That's Easy!

It was actually my first time trying a coffee scrub and I must say that I love the peppermint smell of this scrub.
The peppermint makes the coffee scent not so heavy.
It's a perfect match.
My skin is soft and smooth after using.
I ♥ it!
Added this into my list of  favourite scrubs collection.
Minty-rose foot soak review coming soon. 
I have not try it, but will definitely review after trying.

Let's get dirty!
You can get it at RM86 for this Christmas bundle!
Minty Wonderland coffee scrub: RM49/jar
Minty-Rose Foot Soak: RM42/jar

Another good news for you guys,
Quote "DBxHOHO15" for 15% off on all items!
(*Sale Ends 26th December 2016 11:59PM)


Quote "DBxNEWYEAR10" to enjoy RM10 off!
(*Valid until 31th January 2017 - for RM75 & above)
Don't miss it! 

You can get it from :
Dirty Benefits
Contact: 017-382 3055
Facebook: Dirty Benefits
Instagram: @dirtybenefits
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