Wednesday 11 January 2017

This Is Water : Ionized Alkalized Water Review

When you consider that your body is mostly water
you can see how important water is to your health.
Water brings nutrients to your cells.

This Is Water
Ionized Alkalized Water 

Why ionized alkalized water?
- Provides pH-buffers to help the pH balance of your body
- Contains high levels of antioxidants
- The body is able to absorb it better than tap, bottled water.

This Is Water (500ml)

This is Water (1000ml)

Overall, this ionized alkalized water taste great! 
Different from the water that comes out of your tap and bottled water.
Bodies need to be alkaline to be healthy.

You can get it from your nearest:
- Jaya Grocer
- Village Grocer

Why wait?
You can get it at RM4.50 onwards! 

For more information:
Contact: 03-6149 113
      Facebook: This is Water
Instagram: @thisiswaterjp 

Thank you for reading.
All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.

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