Friday 7 April 2017

CubeCrate Mystery Box MARCH 2017 Unboxing Review

Hello March Sleeping Theme's box!

This is actually my fourth time unboxing CubeCrate box.
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CubeCrate is a mystery box subscription.
You really never know what you get!

My CubeCrate March 2017 box

So, what I got for March box?
  1. CubeCrate Panda Sleep Mask x1
  2. The Tea Republic Blooming Tea Ball x1
  3. J&E Botanicals Melrose Body Lotion x1
  4. HowSmooth Sleepy Rub x1
  5. Candlenuts by Nadia Special Edition Candle x1

CubeCrate Panda Sleep Mask

The panda eye mask was so cute!
An affordable, natural way to help us get to sleep faster.
Thank you CubeCrate :)

I received Blooming tea ball sample.
Blooming tea is combination of Green Tea, marigold, jasmine and Globe Amaranth.
The Tea tastes great!
The tea ball so unique it blooms upon contract with hot.

Melrose Body Lotion (60ml) .
The smell so calm!


I received Sleepy Rub.
The rub is a natural way to relieve stress and promote quality sleep.
Good for those insomnia sufferer.
Made in Australia.
They mainly selling natural and organic handcrafted soap, bath and body care products.
Free from Chemicals, artificial fragrance, animal fats and alcohol 
which are harsh on the skin.

Special Edition candle made from 100% natural wax.
I got the yellow 
which is tropical with added strawberry chunks for stronger scent.
Smells great!
They are the first handpoured candle in Malaysia that use palm wax. 
Why Palm Wax?
Palm produce less soot, better for environment and 
locally produced.


Ready for your surprises? 
Why wait?
You can get it at RM35/box! 

You can get it from :
Facebook: CubeCrate Malaysia
Instagram: @cubecrate 

Thank you for reading.

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