Thursday 1 November 2018

CHARIS x MERZY The First Gel Eyeliner Unboxing Review | MERZY 最初眼线胶笔 ? | 自然好看的 “卧蚕眼” ? | ( 眼线 + 眼影 + 卧蚕) 一笔多用 |

Dearies ♥
Can't do a proper line or wing with a liquid liner?

Check out 
 MERZY The First Gel Eyeliner
 which I got it from Charis Korea.

So pretty isn't?
I'm totally in love with these colour 
Plus, the liners dry up as soon as you apply them
 on your eyes.

- - - - - - -

Get your
at RM 37.40
just Click HERE
Save more if you purchase from my shop
Original Priced at RM45.76

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