Wednesday 11 December 2019

Charis x Easy Peasy Aqua Calming Stick Unboxing Review | EASY PEASY 保湿 + 镇定旋转膏 | 瞬间降温 凉感效果UPUP!! 持久度高达 8个小时?

Hello Dearies ♥
Hydrate your skin anytime! anywhere!

Got my
EASY PEASY Aqua Calming Stick
 from Charis Korea.

 It's not a Sun Stick, it's a Toner Stick 
that provide moisture to skin.

 Consists of combination of 5 different types of 
Hyaluronic Acid for Moisturize skin,
 Tea Tree Water and Centella Asiatica extract for soothing.

Easy application,  
it's has a special water-in-oil formula that glides onto the skin, 
absorbing quickly without any stickiness.
I like the cooling sensation
it helps to soothe my skin especially during hot days
helps to pull out the heat in your skin.
You may also use it to massage your puffy eyes and face 
especially on the morning.

Comes in handy packaging, which is 
great for Travel!

Get your
at RM 67
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Original Priced at RM77

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