Tuesday 30 March 2021

Earth Home Malaysia Product Review (Japan No. 1 Household Insecticide Manufacturer) : Safe Cleaning Made Easy! | Natucair Gel | Natucair Fabric Spray | Earth Aircon Cleaner | Hoy Hoy Trap-a-Roach |

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Safe cleaning made easy with

 Earth Home products,

 Japan No. 1 Household Insecticide Manufacturer.

Natucair Gel

◽️ Removes 99.9% Bacteria and Odors

◽️ Natural Essential Oil helps to repel Mosquito

◽️ Available in Pink Blossom, Relaxing Purple 

and Lively Green

Natucair Fabric Spray

◽️ Made with Natural Essential Oil 

◽️ Removes Odor, repel Mites

◽️ Available in Pink Blossom, Relaxing Purple

 and Sparkling Yellow

Earth Aircon Cleaner

◽️ Easy to operate Do-It-Yourself aircond cleaner

◽️ Helps to prevent mold or fungus building up

 between the cooling fins

◽️Removes germs and odors

Hoy Hoy Trap-a-Roach

◽️ Helps to eliminate Cockroaches

◽️ Insecticide-free bait made of cockroach’s favourite food

◽️ No chemical, No smell & No residue

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