Saturday 15 July 2017

G9Skin Malaysia 3D Volume Gum Mask & Pink Blur Hydrogel Eyepatch Review

New Korean G9Skin brand.
I have finally gotten my hands on G9Skin mask series.
Their packaging is 

Let's Begin!

A sister branch of Berissom. 
G9Skin name is derived from the nine key ingredients found in their product listed below:


G9 Skin 3D Volume Gum Mask

Front View

Back View

For this mask, no pearly white film liner to peel.
Just remove it from the packaging and apply it straight on your face.
The mask itself is thicker.
Hydrates my skin and my skin feels much more brighter.

I was amazed that the mask does not slip or slide.
It sticks to skin as it claimed to be.
I even wear it to do some simple exercise while waiting.
These masks immediately adhere to my skin will not move until you take them off.
This mask increases convenience in my daily life.
Thanks to the 3 dimension design which fit onto my skin.

Remember to use the residual to moisturize your neck area.
Don't waste okay.

Priced at RM67/box (5pcs)



The inside 


So sweet isn't they include this spatula?
More hygiene.

Not forgetting the eye patches from G9Skin.
The hydrogel patches neatly cut to fit under eye however it has multiple use 
on forehead, eyeside, neck or elbow, slanted part, face or body anywhere.

One eye patch only costs RM0.8333333.
Definitely worth it!
The hydrogel tends to adhere to skin very well.
Easy to use.
Moisturizing and cool to the touch.
Made to reduce wrinkles.

Priced at RM106/120 pcs (100g)

Good News!
More G9Skin review to come, 
so stay tuned on my blog :)

You can get it from :
Address: B-7-12, I-SOVO @ I-CITY, 
Persiaran Multimedia, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.
Contact: 03-7234 5612
      Facebook: G9skin Malaysia
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia 

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Results may vary on different person.

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