Monday 24 July 2017

Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura @ 1 Utama Petaling Jaya

Craving for Japanese Noodles?
Why not Udon?

Noodles are popular all over Asia.
Staple foods in many cultures including Japan.
What about Udon, one of Japanese Noodles?
Simplicity is the keyword for udon.
Udon can be eaten in plenty of variations.

Originates from the best - the Sanuki province Kagawa, Japan.
A place famous for the making of delicious Udon noodle.

Kodawari Menya at 1 Utama (New Wing)

TABLE SERVICE been practiced here.
Just order from the table and
wait to be served by the service crew.
Great for those busy people who wish to relax and eat meals leisurely.

Menu board 

hmm.. What to EAT?

Sample Tempura.
You know what you get!

Assorted Tempura at their Tempura Section.

Oden Section

Oden: a type of hot cooking pot cuisine.
Tube-shaped fish cake, daikon radish, tamago and 
black yam pudding stewed in soup stock.

Runs out of Green Tea?
No worries!
Green Tea are refillable, available in Hot & Cold.


Child-friendly cutlery available here also.

Closer shot - Condiment

Personally love the left one (yellow tempura crispy bits) ,
you may add on to your udon for an extra punch.
I added spring onions and the yellow tempura crispy bits to my Udon.
Taste so good!

Udon & Soup are 
made and imported from Kagawa, Japan!
You don't need to fly to Japan to try it out.


Closer shot - Fried Seafood Udon

Mixed of  Kodawari's Signature Udon and seafood like Squid, Prawns, Mussels etc.
Something a lot more savory.
One of popular Japanese Restaurant Classic.
Simply awesome!
Smooth Udon stir fried with seafood is love.

Priced at RM18.90


Closer shot - Saba Teriyaki Udon

 In love with their Udon, thick and chewy.
Dashi broth is so yummy as well.
Perfect combination with the Saba Teriyaki ~
Saba Teriyaki is very popular dishes that can be found in any Japanese Restaurant.
So mouthwatering!
This light grilled saba fish for people who like to eat fish.
It's simple and tasty!

Priced at
RM20.90 (Small) 
RM22.90 (Regular)


Closer shot - Toriniku Miso Udon Onsen Tamago (Chicken)

Udon cooked to perfection.
 Springy dry Udon with Miso flavoured minced chicken and a runny egg.
My god! The egg I cannot!
Although it looks plain, but the taste is awesome!
One of my favourite.

Priced at
RM14.90 (Small) 
RM16.90 (Regular)


Closer shot - Teriyaki Chicken Udon

Signature udon served with delicious dashi and teriyaki chicken.
Chewy and thick udon taste so good!
Especially the clear broth it's so tasty!
Teriyaki Chicken is one of the many popular dishes from Japan.
Their teriyaki chicken is very aromatic.
Enjoy while it's hot!

Priced at
RM16.90 (Small) 
RM18.90 (Regular)


 Closer shot - Ebi Tempura 

How can not order their Tempura?
Kodawari's Tempura are freshly made to ensure their tempura fresh and hot, 
so you only see the sample on the rack.
Cripsy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Simply addictively bite!
One is not enough.

Priced at RM4.50


 Closer shot - Kakiage 

The mixed vegetable is crispy and tasty!
Looks dry outside after frying?
No worries!  It's moist on the inside.
I enjoyed it! Try this out!

Priced at RM2.50


 Closer shot - Baby Octopus

Their baby octopus done well and Tasty!
Very addictive!

Priced at RM4.50

Not forgetting their friendly staffs.
Kindly return empty tray and utensils to the Return Counter
after enjoying your meal.

Save more and satisfy your taste bud with 
Kodawari's Brunch Set at 
*RM11.90 only
Available Mon-Fri from 10.00am to 5.30pm 
only at 1 Utama and Mytown branches.

Japanese food lovers, 
You definitely can't miss this!

Why wait?

Do check them out for more!

Food : 9/10
Price : 8/10
Ambiance : 9/10
Service : 9/10
Cleanliness : 9/10

You can get it from :
Address: S347A, Level 2, 1 Utama New Wing
Contact: 03-7610 2593
Operation Hours: 10am- 10pm
      Facebook: Kodawari Menya Udon Malaysia
Instagram: @kodawarimenya 

Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.

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