Saturday 26 October 2019

Kose Cosmeport Malaysia Clear Turn Bihada-Syokunin Moisturizing Mask Unboxing Review | 日本KOSE光映透美肌职人 日本酒保濕面膜 日本清酒面膜? 干燥粗糙肌肤看过来!天天敷的平价面膜 |

Hello Dearies ♥
Masking on the daily after a long and tiring day.
Got my hands on the Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn 
Bihada-Syokunin Moisturizing Mask!

Kose Cosmeport's CLEAR TURN has been 
the No. 1 selling product in the sheet mask category
 for nine years in a row.

Come in a ziplock packs of 7,
 you’ll have a whole week’s supply on hand.
Environmentally friendly and reduce plastic waste!

 Infused with rich serum containing sake,
 Japanese hot spring water and amino acid to deeply moisturize skin.

The mask is soft and fitting 
using the same hand technique for making washi paper
 (traditional Japanese paper).
Gentle on skin.
 Comfortable to wear and adheres well to my skin.

 Just spread the mask on your face and 
wait for 10 minutes that’s it!

 There’s nothing quite as relaxing and rewarding 
as applying a face mask.
The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin!

 - - - - -

Available in another 2 more variants:
 Smoothing and Brightening.

           Bihada-Syokunin Smoothing Mask 

 Comes in a ziplock bag with 7 sheets in it.
Developed using the same technique as handmade Japanese paper.
Infused with Japanese hot spring water, amino acid
 and antioxidant rice bran oil 
to improve skin smoothness and elasticity.

Priced at RM29.90

- - - 

            Bihada-Syokunin Brightening Mask 

7 sheets of mask packed in resealable ziplock bag.
Infused with Japanese hot spring water, amino acid
 and coix seed extract
 (also known as "Job's Tears") 
used in health teas that give skin translucency,  
Helps to brighten skin tone and refine skin texture for
 unevenly-textured or dull skin.

Priced at RM29.90

- - - - -

Do check them out for more!



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