Friday 11 October 2019

Max Health Tongkat Ali Essence Unboxing @ Matxi Corp Malaysia | Max Health 东革阿里精华液 提神补品 | 男人女人 都可以饮用?| 有助养颜抗老? 加强人体血液循环及新陈代谢的基础? |

Hello Dearies ♥
Just wanna share with you
 Max Health Supplemental drinks -
Max Health Tongkat Ali Essence 
which I got it from Matxi Corp.

Matxi Corp product range consists of:
=> Max Health (Supplemental Drinks)
=> Max Skin Care (Beauty Product)
=> Max.1 (Cosmetics)

 Max Health (Supplemental Drinks) @ Matxi Corp

  Max Health Tongkat Ali Essence @ Matxi Corp

As you know, Native Malay and Indonesians been boiling
Tongkat Ali Root for health maintenance.
Tongkat Ali helps to reduce fatigue, restore energy and youth.
Not only that, it's also good for relieving joints and arthritis problem, 
suitable for men and women.
Locally, Tongkat Ali been known as Pasak Bumi.

 Max Healh Tongkat Ali Essence @ Matxi Corp

Key ingredients: 
=> Tongkat Ali Physta 
=> Greenage Enzyme
=> Isomalto-Oligosaccharide
=> Mulberry Enzyme

Using 100 times concentrated Tongkat Ali extract
 combine with enzymes that
undergone 2 years of natural fermentation.

Concentrated liquid as the finished product,
easy to carry around and consume.
One box contains 14 bottles of Tongkat Ali Essence, straw provided.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many bottles should I consume each day?
Consume 1-2 bottles per day before meals during daytime.
Shake well before use.
If you have stomach problem, please take after meal.
*Pregnant women should not consume.

2. Can I take my medication while taking Tongkat Ali Essence?
usually 2 hours later after medication.
One shall separate time while taking Tongkat Ali Essence
with their medication.

3. As I consumed this product, residue can be observed within the bottle.
 Is the product faulty?
it is normal to observe residue within the bottle since this product
 undergone natural fermentation.

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Check them out for more!

Matxi Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Matxicorp Malaysia



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