Monday 28 October 2019

T BUN Malaysia @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya | T BUN South Korea Cafe now in Malaysia!

Hello Dearies ♥
K-food trends all about Korea!
Explore K-Tea, K-Coffee and K-Food 
for the taste of Korea
at T Bun!

T Bun from South Korea 
has exploded into a global brand, with outlets throughout Australia, 
Philippines, U.S.A and coming soon in Kuwait.

 T Bun not only offers authentic milk teas (bubble teas) 
but also Korean specialty such as:
 Korean Tea - Korean Grapefruit, Korean Citron, Jeju Island Orange 
Korean Latte Series - Red Ginseng, Purple Potato
and also Kimchi Waffle, Burger and Panini

Dearies you can now get 60% discount on the second cup of beverage 
with any drink you purchase!
This is definitely something worth queuing for. 
Wondering what flavour you gonna grab?
Scroll down for more.

 Don't know what to drink?
Check this banner out you can’t go wrong with their signature!

- - - 

Korean Tea | Coffee | Black Sugar Tea Latte (L)

(from left to right:
Korean Grapefruit with Crystal Bubble,
Coconut Espresso Latte, Oolong Milk Tea with Crystal Bubble)

Korean Grapefruit with Crystal Bubble

Not a fan of sweets? Check this out!
The sourness makes me feel so refreshing!
Comes with Crystal Bubble that not only translucent and beautiful,
 it also has a chewy and crunchy texture.

Priced at
RM7.50 (R) | RM8.50 (L)

Coconut Espresso Latte

Coffee Lover?
 T Bun also offer Premium and Quality Coffee
 to freshen up your day. 
Check this out one of their Signature drink!

Priced at
RM10 (R) | RM11 (L)

Oolong Milk Tea with Crystal Bubble

It has a caramelized flavor, 
tea flavor definitely came through 
and crystal bubble was a wonderful texture,
 the bubble pearls here aren't black like you might expect.
It tastes pretty authentic and I like that it's not too sweet. 
Served hot or cold.

Priced at
RM9 (R) | RM10 (L)

- - -

Black Sugar Tea Latte (L)

Buck Wheat Milk Tea with Crystal Bubble

Buck wheat milk tea has a gentle roasted nutty flavor, 
light and refreshing!
Not forgetting their crystal bubble which is actually clear, 
but chewy and tastes the same as the black ones.

Priced at
RM9 (R) | RM10 (L)

- - - 

Black Sugar Tea Latte | Korean Sweet Latte (L)

(from left to right:
Matcha Latte with Crystal Bubble, 
 Taro Latte with Joly Pong, Sweet Purple Potato with Mini Taro)

Matcha Latte with Crystal Bubble

The leafy taste of matcha green tea with crystal bubble 
add a fun texture and sweetness.
You can enjoy it in hot or cold.

Priced at
RM9 (R) | RM10 (L)

Taro Latte with Joly Pong

The combination of yam and latte was
 a match made in heaven.
Taro Latte topped with Joly Pong, a light cereal snack from Korea
 with popped kernels of whole wheat. 
One of their Signature drink.

Priced at
RM7.50 (R) | RM8.50 (L)

Sweet Purple Potato with Mini Taro

The famous sweet purple potato lattes that
 served in most cafe in Korea.
Subtle taste of purple sweet potatoes in every sip. 
Silky and smooth, every sip was delightful.
The yam bits was creamy and chewy.
Comes in a cup with a sealed top, shake before drink!

Priced at
RM8 (R) | RM9 (L)

- - - 

Pearl Milk Tea | Korean Sweet Latte (L)

(from left to right:
Earl Grey Chocolate Pearl Milk Tea, Red Ginseng with Mini Taro)

Earl Grey Chocolate Pearl Milk Tea

The addition of Earl Grey gives this drink
 a great depth of flavour!
The Black Pearl is soft to the bite and smaller in size.
Available in Hot!

Priced at
RM8 (R) | RM9 (L)

Red Ginseng with Mini Taro

South Korea famous for its Red Ginseng
 that has been known to give a boost to one's health and vitality.
Finally had the chance to try this out, it's nice to drink, 
the red ginseng flavour not so overwhelming.
This drink also included bits of taro that settled to the bottom.
 A must try!
Available in Hot as well.

Priced at
RM8 (R) | RM9 (L)

- - - 

 Smoothie | Fruit Flavored Tea (L)

(from left to right:
Lychee Rose Smoothie with Grass Jelly, Raspberry Strawberry Tea Lemon)

Lychee Rose Smoothie with Grass Jelly

Rose and sweet lychees turned into a 
stunning pink smoothie with light notes of rose water. 
Seriously just look at the color, the taste was refreshing as well.

Priced at
RM8.50 (R) | RM9.50 (L)

Raspberry Strawberry Tea Lemon

Tea lovers?
Here's a vibrant refreshing drink for you 
and lemonade lovers.
 Sliced lemon helps to balance the sweetness of strawberries.
Available in Hot as well.

Priced at
RM7 (R) | RM8 (L)

 - - - 

 Kimchi Waffle 

Easy to eat, a pleasing appetizer for all.
It's crispy on the outside and savoury on the inside.
Tastes best when served hot!

Priced at RM7

- - -

  Kimchi Panini Chicken Cheese 

If you love Kimchi, 
then this toasty grilled sandwich is exactly what you need!
It has kimchi topped along with a Chicken Ham 
and Melty Cheese.
One of their Signature food!

Priced at RM12.50

- - -

  Kimchi Burger Chicken Cheese

This Korean inspired Kimchi Burger comes with 
a Chicken ham and tons of kimchi
Say goodbye to boring burgers.
Enjoy while it's hot!

Priced at RM10.50

- - -

I've tried their beverage the drinks here are pretty large in size!
Great for sharing.

My three favourite drinks will be the:
=> Korean Grapefruit with Crystal Bubble
=> Red Ginseng with Mini Taro 
=> Oolong Milk Tea with Crystal Bubble

Let me know what's your favourite?

 Enjoy your favourite drinks with your friends 
and family now!
 YES!! *60% OFF on 
your  2nd Cup Beverage
(*T&C Apply)

Just right in front of the Escalator to GSC!

- - -

Do check them out for more!

Beverage : 7/10
Price : 7/10
Ambiance : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Cleanliness : 8/10

T Bun Malaysia


Petaling Jaya Branch
2FK-01, Level 2, Paradigm Mall, 
No 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya, 
47301 Petaling Jaya.

Shah Alam Branch
LG K-18, LG Floor,
Central I-City Shopping Mall
Persiaran Multimedia, Seksyen 7,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Thank you for reading.

All opinions and thoughts are based on my individual taste and preferences.
Try it at your own risk.

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