Thursday 10 October 2019

LuLuLun Malaysia Classic Series Daily Toner Masks Unboxing Review | 去日本必買的平價好用面膜!! 日本人氣 LuLuLun 化妝水面膜試用心得分享!可以日日敷?

Hello Dearies ♥
It’s time for 
some facial masks!
A sheet mask everyday is not a dream anymore! 

 Japan's No.1 Top Selling Facial Mask

 - - -

Lululun Daily Toner Masks
 Classic Series 
comes in 3 variants:

 Hydrating (Pink)

Enhance your skin barrier function,
contains 8 types of moisture essence with excellent moisture retention.
Suitable for all skin types.

Priced at 
 RM19.80                    RM85.80
 (Weekly | 7 sheets)                 (Monthly | 36 sheets)

- - - 

Whitening (White)

Reduce dark spots/wrinkles, protects & repairs
 damaged skin from UV rays.
Suitable for Dull to Combination skin.

Priced at 
 RM24.80                    RM85.80
 (Weekly | 7 sheets)                 (Monthly | 32 sheets)

 - - -

Deep Moisturizing (Blue)

Enriched with 12 types of moisture essences
including hyaluronic acid. 
Suitable for Dry to Combination skin.

Priced at 
 RM24.80                    RM85.80
 (Weekly | 7 sheets)                 (Monthly | 32 sheets)

 - - -

Conveniently packed 
and environmentally friendly 
reduce plastic waste!
Available in weekly and monthly mask packs!

Soaked with essence and 
65% more moisture absorption rate 
than your Toners!

I also used it before putting on my makeup and
 my make-up actually lasts longer.
Exclusively available at
SaSa Malaysia!

Just leave on for 5-10 mins 
that’s it!

- - - - -

Do check them out for more!




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